Jessie Lumb

Plasticine and Thumbtacks

Month: May, 2013


1025634_10151679222156438_991434516_oMay 2013, ends of branches coloured with Posca paint pens, Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany, Western Australia.

Small Treats

_DSC5563 (1)

_DSC5528People from the past look down from those stars, diamantes marking holes in the walls from previous installations

_DSC5536Where you stumble, there lies your treasure, cracks filled with gold leaf


_DSC5553 (1)Easy to wipe from my cheeks but impossible to erase from my heart, water stains coloured with ‘Mitsubishi Rainbow’ pencils


_DSC5558I never really did any disco dancing, handmade glittery tiles replacing those that were broken or lost

Exhibition at Trocadero Artspace, Melbourne in April 2013.

Photos by Catherine Evans.

Lil grassy knoll

J.Lumb_image2013, coloured flock glued to pole on Frome Road, Adelaide.

Photo by Henry Jock Walker