SALA Residency, Arts in Health at Flinders Medical Centre

Interventions into photocopies of medical text book images

Watercolour paint on bandages

Bandage made from t-shirt purchased in New York, 2007. What if the materials used to heal us were made from things that were familiar to us? Things that comforted us? Things that meant something in our lives?

Dressing for a wound made from flowers from the gift shop (three fingers wide)

Sealed gauze swab made from flowers from the gift shop

Two swabs: gauze from the chemist/daisies from the gift shop

Two days observing Dr. Nicola Dean in theatre, and a night with the Flinders University Sugical Society at their suture night and I fell in love with surgery and the bodies ability to withstand all that it does. I learnt how to tie a basic surgeons knot with sutures.

Surgical needle and gold thread

Rainbow surgical needles

Throughout my residency I collected, coloured and returned leaves to the courtyard garden

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