Jessie Lumb

Plasticine and Thumbtacks

Category: 2010

Jingdezhen, China

14Pothole filled with unfired and decaled clay


13Handmade porcelain bricks replacing those that were missing or lost.

Experiments with clay on a Helpmann Academy funded residency at the Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China in late 2010.

Transitory Phenomena in an Obscure Corner


9Portion of a rainbow I have clutched (2010), torch, textas

7A light heart lives long (love from a fan lasts forever) (2010), torch hanging from the ceiling – when looked at from below the beam of light appeared as a heart

Exhibition in the Back Gallery at FELTspace ARI, Adelaide in April 2010. Held in conjunction with ‘Hemano Fan Club’ by Shaw Hendry ❤

Because I’m a joyful girl

6(detail), 2010, ‘Hatched National Graduate Exhibition’, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art

Hand coloured toothpicks stuck in holes in a wall 4 x 6.6 metres