Jessie Lumb

Plasticine and Thumbtacks

Category: 2017

Sisters Sangam


Palace Archways, soft sculptures made in collaboration with the women at the Princess Diya Kumar Foundation, Jaipur

Collaboration with Tabeena Anjum Qureshi who let me intervene with colour into her stunning black and white photographs. She then had a go at working Jessie style with beautiful results (last image)

An Indian/Australian interpretation of Japanese haiga poetry. It was an honour to work with Himanshu Vyas on this pair of public works in the Jaipur City Palace and surrounds

Amit Kalla and I began painting two big canvases which became collaborative group paintings. No talking, meditative music playing, we moved around the works responding to each other and it felt like we were dancing

Collaboration with Jake Holmes. Shiny paper intervention into Throwaway #4, a screenprint made from found gutkha packets


Sisters Sangam is an exhibition of intercultural collaborative works by 14 emerging and established artists from Jaipur and South Australia that explores the notion of a sister-state.

The collective first came together at the City Palace, Jaipur, India, in 2017 as part of a South Australian Government Trade Mission, the resulting 42 works were further exhibited at the 2017 Jaipur Art Summit and at the SASA Gallery, Adelaide, as part of the 2019 OzAsia Festival.