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Category: 2013

Blue Sky Something, for tarpspace

‘Blue sky something’ is an ongoing series of installations created on site over the course of the tarpspace journey.

An attempt to recreate moments of significance from time spent living in Mongolia, blue squares of tarp resembling Tibetan prayer flags were temporarily placed in the Australian landscape creating ephemeral and abstract sculptures as offerings to the sky and space.


Working from a farm in SE Queensland a remote controlled drone was used to take the flags as close to the sky as possible.


Installed near a beach at Byron Bay at twilight


Flying in the wind on the most easterly point in Australia, Cape Byron, NSW.


Threading flags onto rope, Tweed Heads, NSW.


On top of a lookout platform, Cape Hawke, NSW.

JL_flag_4_1 copyJL_flag_12JL_flag_7JL_flag_6

By a lake near Boomerang Beach, NSW.


Installed near a canola field in Ouyen, VIC.


In a forest just outside of Launceston, TAS.


Trying to convince grey skies to turn blue on the west coast of Tasmania.


Blowing in the wind at a lookout on the west coast of Tasmania.

This project was supported by the Government of South Australia through Arts SA, and the Helpmann Academy. 

36,000 Rainbows


Food colouring in waterfall.

Collaboration with Henry Jock Walker, borne from a debate about rainbows and terrible weather while driving around Tasmania.

Photos by Henry Jock Walker.

Henry’s Mobile Studio Intervention


Oil pastel on Toyota Hiace.

Photos by Henry Jock Walker.


Channeling Chinggis Khan (Mitcham to Unley Park via the Mongolian Steppe),  2013, exhibited as part of ‘Momentary’ Adelaide Film Festival project at the Contemporary Arts Centre of South Australia.

Here comes the sun


Here comes the sun, 2013. Collaboration with Steve Wilson. Tracking the sunlight in the Dorrit Black Building at the University of South Australia.

Photos by Steve Wilson.

Constance ARI


With bright and shiny stars in my eyes, 2013, floor and ceiling craters filled with glitter glue and cardboard. Constance ARI, Hobart.

Photos by Rosie Hastie.

This project was supported by the Government of South Australia through Arts SA.

Fixing the floor (glitter glue) at Fontanelle

703517_10151733232686438_209150901_o2013, glitter glue in missing patch of lino, Fontanelle Gallery and Studios, Bowden

Walking on rainbows

2013-06-30_1372588992Walking on rainbows, 2013, residual chalk dust on Mongolian boots.


BT3BT1BT4BT2_realThe brilliant texture of small town life, 2013, texture of the gallery walls highlighted with 32 different colours of chalk, Fontanelle.


1025634_10151679222156438_991434516_oMay 2013, ends of branches coloured with Posca paint pens, Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany, Western Australia.