Jessie Lumb

Plasticine and Thumbtacks

Month: August, 2014

Pom Pom Again


Applying glitter paint to the floor at Pom Pom, a new contemporary art space dedicated to engaging children (aged 12 years and under) and their families.

Located in Davoren Park in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, Pom Pom offers hands-on creative workshops delivered by leading artists, many with an international profile, over the school term and during school holidays.

Pom Pom supports an art making process between children and their families and carers, while offering children enchanting contemporary arts experiences.

SALA Festival Artist Forum

Speaking about DIY art opportunities at the SALA Festival Artist Forum at the Art Gallery of South Australia.





A small accumulation of liquid (seepage/soakage), 2014, video


The brilliant texture of small town life, 2014, chalk rubbed over the surface of gallery walls to reveal their texture


Filtering the universe on a passage to the lungs, 2014, cigarette butts wrapped in coloured paper, Contemporary Art Tasmania courtyard


A small accumulation of liquid, 2014, handmade and hand coloured puddle, Tasma Street, Hobart

Unkept brings together the work of Jessie Lumb and Claire Kroužecký, both early career artists whose practices are led by humble beginnings and chance occurrences; a ‘paying attention’ to what is considered commonplace and a responsiveness to everyday sites and materials. Curated by Polly Jean Dance at Contemporary Art Tasmania.

Photographs by Jan Dallas