by Jess(ie)


And then some become strong in the broken places, bricks repaired with hand coloured Multi-Purpose filler, thoroughfare between St Vincent Street and Nile Street, Port Adelaide as part of FELTmaps.

“The vicissitudes of existence over time, to which all humans are susceptible, could not be clearer than in the breaks, the knocks, and the shattering to which ceramic ware too is subject.” – James Henry Holland.

And then some become strong in the broken places makes reference to the philosophy behind the Japanese art of ‘kintsugi’ – the belief that when something is damaged and has a history it becomes more beautiful. Chipped and broken bricks in a laneway have been mended with hand coloured Multi-Purpose Filler, with no attempt made to hide the damage. Instead, the repairs themselves are illuminated, celebrating the history of the use of the space and turning ugly breaks into beautiful fixes.

Photos by Steph Fuller